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Collective investor intelligence

Stonder aggregates the collective intelligence of investors by crowdsourcing investor sentiment.

Stonder does this by collecting investor opinions – Buy- Hold-Sell – on individual stocks from a large, diverse user base.

The wisdom of crowds has proven to be accurate in many applications. Stonder brings collective intelligence to the investment world and the stock market

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The collective intelligence of our users can be studied using various signals provided by Stonder. We use our proprietary algorithms to aggregate the user opinions into a user consensus estimate, or a Rating , for each individual company.

Another indicator of interest in Stonder is a Sentiment indicator based on the Rating data. Sentiment shows the relative attractiveness of a specific company in relation to its rating history. Sentiment visualises much faster changes in a company’s Rating. These are the key metrics Stonder offers to users.

Stonder also generates automatic signals, called a Pulse when there, for instance, is more rating activity going on in a company than normal. Likewise, a rapid increase in Long or Short votes generates a Pulse.

See what others think See what others think

Beat the market and others

Stonder creates automatically a synthetic portfolio for each user based on their active opinions. Each Long and Short opinion creates an entry into the synthetic portfolio. Each stock has an equal weight in the portfolio and weights are rebalanced daily.

Stonder calculates performance for these synthetic portfolio and users are ranked based on the performance of their portfolios on 90, 30 and 7 day periods.

You can see how well your picks have faired against others and you can even drill into other users’ portfolios to see what the best performing portfolios contain.

Beat the market and others
"The most valuable commodity I know of is information."
[Gordon Gekko]