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About Stonder

Stonder is a platform for aggregating the collective intelligence of investors by crowdsourcing investor sentiment. Stonder does this by collecting investor opinions – Buy-Hold-Sell – on individual stocks from a large, diverse user base.

The opinions are aggregated with an algorithm to a user consensus estimate on each individual company. This opinion is called Rating. The Rating for each company is displayed in a list format.

Stonder Sentiment shows the relative attractiveness of a company’s current Rating in relation to its Rating history. Sentiment visualises current change in a company’s Rating. Rating and Sentiment are the key metrics Stonder provides to users.

Stonder has gathered some 600 000 opinions on Nordic stocks from users as of September 2017

Stonder dataset is not available elsewhere. The unique content has proven to increase reader session duration on stock market pages. Page heatmaps show that Stonder content is actively used.

The media dashboard highlights “opinion movers” and can be used to generate ideas for articles.

Wisdom of the Crowd and Stonder white paper

Download our whitepaper explaining how we employ the wisdom of crowds effect

Download Whitepaper

Embeddable Widget on your website

We provide a straightforward solution for embedding the widget on your media website.

Integration of Stonder into online publications is fast and easy. The implementation can, at best, be done in just hours. Contact us for more details. We offer a free trial with a standard solution.



Kauppalehti is the leading business daily in Finland

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Salkunrakentaja is a popular online financial news site

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Luuva was founded in May 2015 for developing Stonder. The founders have long experience in banking and finance. All systems development has been done internally and Luuva owns the property rights. Luuva is founder financed.

Martti Larjo

Martti Larjo

CEO, +358-50-5276060

Over 20 years in investment banking, equity research and database development

Jussi Seppälä

Jussi Seppälä

Over 20 years in investment banking and asset management

Teemu Kaltea

Teemu Kaltea

20 years in investment banking, valuation expert, involved in multiple startups

Lauri Kolmonen

Lauri Kolmonen

Over 10 years of software development. Lauri holds an M.Sc in both computer science and economics.