Terms of Use

Welcome to Stonder!

Thank you for using Stonder mobile app, the web version or through partners (the "Service"). The Service is provided by Luuva Oy, Edelfeltintie 15, 00150 Helsinki, Finland.

By using the Service you agree to these Terms of Use.

Use of the Service

Use of the Service requires a service registration. The service can not be abused, for example by addressing the operation of the service, or by trying to use the Service in other way than Luuva Oy or Luuva's partners have instructed to do. We may suspend or terminate the Service, if we suspect miss-usage or the user does not comply with the conditions and practices of the Service.

By using the Service, you will not own the intellectual property rights of the content produced. You can use the content of the Service only by Luuva Oy's permission or otherwise permitted by law.

You may be transmitted in connection with use of the Service announcements, administrative messages and other information.

Stonder account

Use of the Service requires the creation of Stonder account. Protect Stonder account, by keeping your password confidential.

Privacy Policy

By using this Service you agree that Luuva Oy collects and can use the information you provide Luuva Oy in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy explains what information is collected and stored in using the Service and those are protected.

Information provided by the User in the Service

When using the Service the user can provide his/her opinion of the company attractiveness. Luuva Oy owns all the rights provided by the users through the service. You do not have any rights for the data you have given or has been derived from this data.

Applications related to the Service

You can use the Service with your mobile terminal by downloading an application. The application can be updated automatically on your device as the new version or feature is available.

You can also access Stonder Service by web browser or through partner's site as part of their service.

You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell, or lease any of the Services or associated software, or parts of the application. Nor may you reverse engineer the Software or attempt to extract the source code, except where such restrictions are unlawful, or if you have received written permission for such activities from Luuva Oy.

Liability for our Services

Extent permitted by law Luuva Oy and its suppliers and distributors or partners overall the responsibility for any claims subject to these terms and conditions, the implied warranties, including, is limited to the amount the user has paid for Luuva Oy.

The Service, its use and the information provided by the Service or is derived from the Service is not considered investment advice within the meaning of The Investment Services Act (747/2012). The service is not financial analysis or a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Luuva Oy can not guarantee the accuracy of the content.

As a user, you are doing all the conclusions from the data collected, produced and presented in the Service. Luuva Oy, its suppliers, distributors or affiliates shall in no situation be liable for any loss or damage of any kind of use of the Service.

Use of the Services in Business Context

The service is intended for private use. If the Service, its components, or information produced is to be used in a business context, a separate agreement has to made with Luuva Oy. Within these Terms of Use the use of the Service in a business context is prohibited.


These Terms of Use may be changed from time to time. We will post any changes to the Terms of Use on this page.